Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who? Me? Blogging? Well, everyone else is doing it!

So, here I am, starting a blog... On the day we have "CHANGE." Go Obama? Sorry guys, I didn't watch the inauguration. It was an expensive one too at one hundred forty million dollars! Anyway, enough of America, and more of me!

I was always a little behind on the internet trend. Seriously, I started my Xanga when everyone moved to Myspace, and when everyone moved on to Facebook, I made a Myspace account to catch up... needless to say I never used the Myspace account. I've manage to get myself onto Facebook, after consistently rejecting the idea and telling people I do not like social networking... I gave in. I seriously thought Facebook was the end of any new account making! It is a very complete social networking tool... except you cannot blog on it! Well, actually I lied, you probably can, but it wouldn't look right posting a million notes anyway. And on we go...

Blogging, it has been around, it works. Many people have been doing it, and I finally decided on it. Hey, this just reminded me of how long it took me to decide on making a Flickr account! ...Which was shortly after I've decided that Facebook makes pictures ugly... So, I hope I can bring some good old fashion reading material to you the readers! Sorry for the boring post, but it is hard to write about something out of thin air. Now, I have something to think about each boring and unemployed day. As Mister Obama said, YES WE CAN! uh... well I mean you know... CHANGE!

I've wasted 10 minutes writing this first post. And if you are reading this last sentence.. then I have successfully wasted at least 2 minutes of your time! Cool, I know some people gave hours into following the ceremony on the internet or television, 2 minutes for me isn't too bad is it?

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